Which one should I buy?


Oct 5, 2009
Which should I spend spend $$$ on?!?

The New iPod Touch
-Double the resolution Retina display (640px-960px)
-Two cameras, front and back
-A simple small speaker
-$300 for the 32Gb
I already have two but want the newest one because it has way more stuff. I want the 32Gb model because that it what i currently have/use, and i don't want to downgrade in capcity. By the way I plan to jailbreak all my iPod Touches if you know that means.


Improving My sound system

It's already got SOME bump, but I really want to improve. I have two speaker boxes that you would have in a car, each one has two drivers/speakers, meaning I have four drivers/speakers all together; meaning I could get some serious BOOOOM!s and BUUUUUMP!s. I will make a fully sealed box out of 3/4" ply-wood, and then properly mount all four in it.
-What do i need for hardware preamps and EQs?
-Can I transfer the setup from my bedroom-studio to a car once I own a car?

If you need more rambling/information just say so.
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