Which dj do most the south coast rate and would reach a rave for?

micky finn personally ..but each an every time sdm and triple m ...do it for me wen they rinse it 4 deks ..fatest ..but element is up ther in my books ....... :sniper: big the breakneck djs
me me me...and friction and JFB from brighton is pretty good too! and of course the ones like SDM an' 3M.
Andy c= Destruction on tha dancefloor everytime
Jay walker
SDM + Triple M

an my man 3D killer lyrics and crowd hype everytime

we out 1.... :dutty:
Friction, Andy C and Mampi Swift is an opinion from a southcoast raver not from portsmouth ;) not that it matters, that seems to be the general opinion over there too :zest:
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