Wheres TPI's threads gone??


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Jul 3, 2005
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guys guys guys ... dont worry dont fear ... check it

the other day i had my picture account via the russian site removed , more than likely someone complained over 1 or 2 of the gif *sexual* pegs i uploaded to the account ,.. the russian site deleted my account meaning all nearly 1000 pictures was removed hence threads became 404's .. ok it kinder sux but hay if im using someone elses server it up to them if they want to hold the stuff on it . personally i havent broken the rules via that site when it comes to content , there was no child porn or animal porn so i cant see what the problem was .. ok there was alittle scat lol ... but the only picture i can thing that may of been contraversial was the crippled women getting cut up in africa with a knife ... lol ... oops ... dont ask i didnt post it on here via another site ... anyway i asked fez etc if they could remove as the threads looked pointless with no content ,...

now as the threads themselves had just over 30 000 hits between them in the period of time they were up , im gunna be doing another 1 .. as im away this weekend in brighton at fatboyslim beach party and got all day work monday , i will start posting a new "blog thread" sometime early next week when i have some time on my hands ......

thanks if your one of those that used the thread ... and i hope the new one will be a success just like those 2 were ...

cheers again for your understanding , have a good weekend

panty inspector
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