Where's the line between dubstep and techno?

Alien Pimp & Ikkaku - Neutro EP out now on DubKraft!

I just met in Barcelona this dope techno producer called Ikkaku and we need to share the huge studio fun we're having everytime.
And Ikkaku is not just fun, he runs Micropunto Rec. (soon to be relaunched) and he's been involved in some amazing projects, like these ones:
Sound of A Sucide

So here's the first Alien Pimp & Ikkaku EP, Neutro, out on DubKraft Records, deep but refreshingly positive dancefloor music with solid subs, Detroitish sounds and enough dubness.

And it's packed with some special goodies:
For the second track, The Good Consumer, we're having a free remix and a video, all with the help of the notorious journalist and activist Neil Boorman - www.bonfireofthebrands.com
He provided some great vocal and video samples from an earlier work of his, and we assambled a nice gift for you. It's a slowed down (128 BPM) vocal version with a message, if you feel it please spread the word, feel free to spread the mp3 as well, by any means you want, as long as the due credits are there.



Preview/buy the Ep HERE

Later (and probably more expensive :) ) available in all the usual outlets too.

One more extended preview in the player HERE:

We would love to know how you feel this project, please drop a comment!


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