wheres the best place to buy ni massive ?

kieran t

Sep 22, 2009
and any good software/ plug ins/vsts
i also want to get logic 9,
will be buyin a mac in the next month

i googled it but cant find any 1 that sells it,
help n e 1!


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Dec 5, 2005
you get it as part of NI Komplete, culdnt tell you if its in every version of komplete, but search ur favorite stores for that and u'll find it, or drop them an email to ask

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tbh lookin at the price of Komplete, u would be better off forgetting about logic and massive, and get the Abelton Suite ;) not that i'm biased towards ableton or anything :P


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Mar 30, 2009
St. Louis
If you're looking in to Logic 9 and don't want to spend a load of cash, you're safe to get Logic 9 Express over the pro version. It runs exactly the same and there is very few differences for half the price.

As for NI Massive I'm not sure you're gonna find much of a deal anywhere on that as it usually costs the same everywhere you go. As Miszt said, it would be a good idea to get Komplete (with some of that extra money you saved buying Logic Express). Massive is still one of the relatively younger NI products and I'm pretty sure it has been in every Komplete package since 5, although if the UK is anything like it is over here in the US you will be hard pressed to find a copy of older versions as they are pulled when NI releases a newer edition of Komplete. If you are able to find a place that has it though there is also another product that you could consider buying called Komplete Synths, which was a special package that I believe contained Massive, Absynth, FM8 and Pro-53.

The last option I can think of is if you need an audio interface you could find NI Audio Kontrol 1, as when I bought mine it had a voucher in it for a free download of either Absynth 5/FM8/Massive. I sometimes despise myself that I didn't pick Massive. They might have changed the voucher inside however, so buy at your own risk.

You also wanted some good plug in suggestions:

As far as paying for plugs I recommend: NI Absynth & NI Razor as they are the only ones I have. I have also heard many good things of Sylenth1, PSP VintageWarmer, and CamelAudio Alchemy.

For free plugs definitely check out: U-He Tyrell N6 and do a web search for Togu Audio Line.


Sep 10, 2010
if ya' want Logic don't get it form Apple, as it's very expensive. I got my copy from Amazon and it was a lot cheaper. Might even be cheaper at other places than that as well.
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