Where to get Bukem style mixes?


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Jul 15, 2017
I used to listen to Omni Trio, Bukem, Photek, PFM etc back in the mid nineties, and that style of music is still my favorite ever. It never got old for me and still has a special magic that nothing else seems to.

Can anyone point me to a source of good mixes representing that genre today? I'm interested both in mixes comprised of tracks from that era and mixes comprised of new tracks still in that genre, if indeed they are still produced today.

Any advice anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.


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Oct 11, 2011
Subtle Audio and Repetoire should be your first stop really, music for the heads who remember Omni Trio and PFM and wished the music had kept honing that aesthetic.

Here is a sick mix from Code of Subtle Audio; all post-2000 era atmospheric dnb :


His show on Jungletrain, archived on his mixcloud is wall to wall classic 90's jams and brand new forthcoming stuff, it's one of three or four radio shows in DnB that are pretty unmissable if you were into your 90's Bukem and want the modern equivalent.

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