Where to find DnB MP3s?


Aug 29, 2008
Having real trouble trying to find DnB (mostly Noisia, Evol Intent, Spor, Upbeats, Ewun, etc) MP3s...

Is there any sites where you can buy MP3s as I don't have a turntable so there's no point in me getting vinyl's. I find some good tunes on youtube and stuff but can't find anywhere to get mp3s :(

Can anyone help me out :wave:

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Feb 18, 2008
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I have never had any problems with quality, I use dvd video soft you might use a difrent one maybe?

it doesnt matter how good the ripping technique u use is. the actual youtube clip is not as good qaulity. youtube, when ur uploading ur video, tones down the qaulity or soming. when i youtube ripped a song and played it on my itunes it was only soming like 30kpb..

and even if there is a site u find that u can freely download free 320s
.. dont do it. support the scene man!
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