Where to buy [Insert Tune here]


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Is there a thread/topic where by people can ask for and give places to buy tunes? You have the ID Tune bit which is very nice. But say you know what some tune is and you want to buy it. Mainly digital but also not, but cannot find it? You've searched all over, but cant find a download site or cant find a shop selling the vinyl or whatever. Maybe you cant buy it yet, or maybe never. But a thread/forum whereby people can share knowledge of where to buy stuff, or at least track release dates or something?
For example:
Kove - Horizon
Mikill Pane - Dirty Rider (Calyx & Teebee Instrumental Mix). I must stress the instrumental bit, the regular version is easy to find.
Personally speaking I'd prefer digital (320mp3 or wav), but will buy hardcopy if required.