Where the fuck is....


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Maloney is spearheading a campaign to increase awareness on the dangers of ill fitting leather chaps.

Sirus is on a 3 month volutary "live with the homeless" project in Brooklyn and keeping a diary which will later be turned into a book.

GZero is busy consulting Anonymous & commandering the Lulz boat.

or something


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fort jmz n radius had a gay off amid growing fears of mass rioting homosexuals.

but radius is ova dere so maybe not.


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im pretty sure jumz got bored too. and left. which is a real fking problem to me. im mortally offended by his absence, i consider him the most interesting thing i found online ever. since porn. has anybody seen my baby (constant craving by kd lang btw). an absolute authority on music, both cutting edge music styles so new they can hardly be said to exist at all (eg when maloney had a 'footjuke' phase, what the fuck is that, its a whole music genre based on a specific drum machine and the other half is to do with the male testicles, far as i can tell) and any kind of bad ass music from the past. a natural street freak whos seen the world from the highest point to the dirtiest underbelly, a man prone to disaster quite insatiable when it came to that in fact. i feel partly responsible for him leaving, i blame everybody else more of course, routinely and to be honest out of preference. you were boring so he left.

moskit most selfishly had kids and that stupid asshole didnt think AT ALL about how it would affect the forum!
all that time and effort should go into reading my rubbish on here, not some communist kids and whatnot. we had a thing! i thought we had a thing? i post increcdible mouth words in english and you marvel at my strong jawline and the size of my manhood, and now you broke our thing.

sirus is sorely missed but did leave in a rather more official fashion, much like safety did. those are losses i can deal with for they did it in an ostensibly lawful and by the book manner. sirus was terribly attractive man (im talking about him like hes dead) and a sexual star in his own right. on the internet.