I Am Not The King
Feb 8, 2002
5 facts you cannot deny and their ultimate conclusion

1. christian aguilera has a heart shaped tatoo on her right shoulder.
a heart symbolizes life. christina is upside down.
an upside down life symbol can only mean one thing: death

2. right at the end of beatles song 'all you need is love', john lennon sings
a part that sounds like 'yes, hes dead'. about greg p.

3. on gregs myspace page there is an image of him, sitting in the trunk of a car.
the trunk can only symbolize one thing: a coffin

4. lately on the forum we cannot see greg, we cannot hear greg, and we cannot read greg.
why? because hes dead.

5. in the tibetan book of of the dead they said he has 'played his existance to the end'.
this can only mean one thing. about greg p.

Greg P

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Jan 16, 2008
Yes indeed, it's true I have indeed, "passed over to the other side"...

Well no, not quite dead, but close to..

This new job I'm doing is a real toughie - I spend all of my time on my feet, running around, sorting shit out etc, so I've never got a chance to do any forum based fun!

It might calm down a bit soon, so I might be able to start jumping in a bit more often... I miss yawl!
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