Where do you get your tracks mastered?

Hiho together, as the title says, where do you get your tracks mastered?
We ever got the threads about what EQ, what limiter and so on, but I would like to test a mastering-service and hear the difference. I've never got a track mastered professionally (since I've never released a dnb-track) but I really want to know how the sound-experience changes.
Do you got (maybe only 1 minute) previews of your tracks unmastered and mastered? Who mastered it? Price?

Thanks in advance.
I highly recommend you get your music professionally mastered, I can recommend a few mastering engineers who can do a mastering job for £20 to £25.

The equipment and room and the expertise that a good mastering engineer can add to your final mix is worth spending the extra bit of money on. It adds warmth, dynamics and clarity to a mix that is very hard to replicate in a home studio with digital plug ins alone

What are you looking to get mastered?


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I don't have an example of an unmastered track for you. This track here was mastered. It costs about $30 Canadian
It was done by Black Octopus Mastering. They include a description of the things they do to the track and an evaluation, I will paste it below.
KRSPY - The Germs – Mastering
***Great track man! Your most well balanced mixdown for sure! Not
much extra work was needed, just a little carve out of the high end
of the snare. The snare is a bit loud in the mix, you may want to
turn it down a bit. If I could offer any other feedback it would be to
turn the vocal up, its a bit quiet in contrast to the rest of the track.
-Notch EQ cut at 169hz to clean up lower mid muddiness
-Notch EQ cut at 2.2khz to clean up high end on the snare
-Small EQ boost at 16.5khz to bring in some extra ‘air’
-Mid/Side Processing to create a sense of space and separation
between the lows/highs
-Aural exciting to weight to the low end and add bite to the upper
mids and highs
-Multiband compression to tonally round the mix
-Stereo widening to create ear candy spatial effect
-Analog tube modeled compression for added punch and warmth
-Limiting for volume

So it's pretty interesting because those are things I would never do or would have known myself
It sounds much louder, bass more intense, sounds more clear after mastering
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Thanks for the replys so far. @ PRTCL , so far nothing is really finished to get mastered (hm, I never get tracks finished lol), but it's in the harder/darker dnb-genre. Maybe some dubstep too, Neurohop-ish and so on, but mostly Drum & Bass.
@ Krispky Track sounds good! I like the sound and the track itself, and the text/description is really cool to get!


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I've done a few jobs for members on here, and there are loads of options out there. As above you don't need to spend the earth for good results, though you can spend the earth and get fantastic (or horrid results). Listen to engineers work, find the sound you love, and go with them!


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Subvert Central Bob Macc mastering all day baby! i dont know if his prices are high or low, its all i ever known and the mans work is impeccable, alien technology unerring accuracy. and he will cut you a deal if you come with more tracks than one. and he can play the drums like nobodys business.