Where can you get the latest releases from?!


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May 28, 2020
I’m considering getting my turntables down from the attic and start adding to my vinyl collection with some new releases but I can’t seem to find any of the new tracks you get on Spotify on vinyl! Do they still press vinyl as much as they used to or has it become ancient tech? Or am I just looking in the wrong places? Any help would me much appreciated!


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Dec 19, 2008
https://www.1800dubplate.com/ (get whatever the hell you want on vinyl)

All depends what you're into. With vinyl releases, it's simply not viable for some labels to press them. Theres a higher level of quality control also. With 25,000 digital d&b releases every minute, there simply isn't enough demand or pressing plants to put them all on wax.

Also spottily sucks dick. Bandcamp is much kinder to artists. They also sell some vinyl too (artist/label depending)
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