DnB Where can i download rare sounds

so your trying to find a sound that isn't found. But if a sound isn't found then does it actually exist?

and thus, if you found said sound that isn't found it would then be found and couldn't exist.

You're onto a hiding to nothing here mate.
But how can you ask for rare sounds? If someone answers it isn't rare anymore? You'd just need to sample something yourself! Diggin diggin diggin diggin diggin diggin
I noticed that you speak French before you edited your post, so:

Désolé, mais si vous voulez téléchargez de sons, vous devez payer pour les sons, il n'y a pas de sites qu'ils sont gratuit. Je crois que vous ne savez pas quel son vous voulez, alors si vous voulez un son spécifiques, je pense que vous devez le faire vous-même. :2thumbs:
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Do you have a site where you download sounds?[/QUOTe

Your talking about wanting samples not sounds. Part of finding what you want especially in music production is asking the right qustions. There are a variety of different sites out there that offer samples for a cost$$ . Try primeloops, Loopmasters, bigfishaudio there are tons more
Go to a charity shop and buy loads of music you have never heard before and go home and listen to it, then take all the quiet bits out of all the songs - even a really, really, shitty CD or record will have at least one two or three second noise that NOBODY has ever sampled before. Do the same with crappy old movies, soundtracks, film scores - especially for films you have never seen or will probably not enjoy. Try shitty old chick flicks, listen carefully to awful solo albums made by members of girl bands long after they stopped being famous.

Take all the samples you find and put them into folders.

Repeat this every week until you have hundreds of sounds that nobody else has ever bothered to sample

Then start fucking about with those sounds . Trim them, saturate them, layer them, resample them.

You now sound distinctive and unique and are not using the same sounds as anyone else.

What you do next is entirely up to you.

This approach has worked for all the people that all the people you rate look up to throughout the history of Jungle and Drum and Bass.
Do NOT go on a forum and ask "where can I download rare sounds" because that is, with the greatest of respect, a really fucking stupid question.
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