where am i going wrong?


Dec 25, 2011
i know i've only been (trying) to produce for 3 months but everytime i finish i'm really happy, until someone else listens and tells me it's pooh. Like, i was really happy about my last one, like woah i think i done something good for a change!!111 then i post it and it's like, dude, seriously. wtf?

i don't know if this is the right place for this question, but going to post it here anyway. I've used tutorials... am i just expecting too much too quickly? or is there some kind of key issue i'm not realising.

any thoughts would be appreciated as i'm planning my next try but would like to go into it with some confidence... neg comments are vital in the learning process but they don't half sting a bit xD
just keep at it and youll get better, easy as ;)

This for sure dude :)

And stick around this forum! I think dnbforum has been one of the biggest resources for learning more and more about production and that is thanks to all the great and helpful people :)
It's really simple man. Just don't expect wonders and try to finish as much tunes as possible. U'll get better and better after each one.
listening to the tune in your sig, you have a lot of the basics understood. you are in the stage of maturing your personal sound, which i hate to tell you is the longest stage. just keep at it man, i have been doing this 5-6 years and am barely happy with PARTS of tunes that we finish. but i have had fun the whole time.
listening to the tune in your sig, you have a lot of the basics understood. you are in the stage of maturing your personal sound, which i hate to tell you is the longest stage. just keep at it man, i have been doing this 5-6 years and am barely happy with PARTS of tunes that we finish. but i have had fun the whole time.
nice 1! was worrying that i wasn't headed in the right direction :( lol i will keep at it. hopefully will someday get to where i want to be :)

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thanks for everyone's messages. i'll just keep at it :)
Yeah man, 3 months is nothing in the production world! I've been producing for about 3 years now and I'm still nowhere near where I want to be! It's a very long, slow learning process that never really ends! If you want to get good, you gotta be prepared for a very long, demanding journey!!
mate, id prefer to tell ppl whats wrong with my music rather than a bunch of me m8s biggin me up to death. ive been doin tunes for years now but ill tell u know... ill start a tune.. the main part for instance, it sounds greta but i can promise u ill end up deleting it coz im not happy with it. im not one them ppl who will make something and then pimp it out. if i need advice, ill upload it, post it on ere n ask for feedback n tips for what i want but im never happy with what im doin now.

just dont let it get u down, take positives out it
I always try to give feedback on what I don't like in tunes people post here, I think most people have a higher treshold for proper constructive critisism than we give them credit for.

As long as you keep making tunes that give you the feeling of doing and getting something right you're probs on the right track. I always end up hating the stuff I throw together a few weeks after "finishing" them, it's a long road to walk but you pick up a little something at every step along the way. /quasipoeticdribble
I've been doing this for about 9 months man and trust me it gets easier, I couldn't get past a basic kick snare for the first month and I didnt finish a tune til 3 months ago and it was pretty average, but my 2nd tune (check my sig) was a massive improvement on the first. The ideas i've got half done at the moment are better still. As soon as youve got the basics down, just experiment, listen to the criticism hear, read up and constantly try new techniques and most importantly have fun! its what its all about, not the future vinyl release you're craving, one step at a time :)
If you do it for fun, it subtly gets easier every time you try it, but if you do it for the glory, then your only forcing a world of misery on yourself. Take the criticisms as positives towards moving forward and gaining experience
Yeah 3 months is nothing mate!!! You're doing pretty well for 3 months as well so I would feel happy if I were you!!
Some tips to keep you going:
- the idea is you want to create the most interesting and exciting sounding Drum n Bass right? So I would constantly listen to your favourite DnB tunes next to your own!
listen to every single individual element in your favourite DnB tracks while you're comparing them to your own and eventually you will train your ears so that you know when something you have made sounds as good as something from another top notch producer!
- also dont get too hung up on a track - by all means finish them if you want but I have found that in order to get to a stage where your tracks are banging your gonna have to get through shitloads of failed tunes and project folders.
- and most importantly.. make sure you remember that everytime your working on a track you are infact learning something so dont feel like its a waste and just try to improve with your next track and trust me they will start to get better and better.
and yeah listen to everyones feedback especially on here- it will really help you a lot! We're not out to diss your tracks, we just want to tease you into wanting to get better and better!
Stick with it mate and it will get more fun as you learn new techniques
I forgot to add in my last post in this thread about the negative feedback.....

If I didnt recieve any negative feedback from the peeps on here, I would never have reached the level I am at today. I fully understand that sometimes it can be harsh (I've also been known to give some harsh criticism in the past) but if it's harsh, and constructive....then you really can take a lot away from it!
You gotta remember, most of us here have been producing for a good few years, and we still recieve negative comments on the regular! it's how you handle them, and move forward that sets you aside from the rest!

Personally, I'd rather two or three constructive negative comments, than two pages of "Sick track" / "Nice one" etc etc.

We are all here for the same reason, and I'd say a good 90% of us are more than willing to help another member move up to the next level of production! Unfortunately, the best way to do this is to be honest on their tracks, and if that means being negative, then so be it!
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