When are Pantara and Danzig going to make DnB?


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Mar 4, 2002
A relative of mine recently picked up a December issue of Knowledge the magazine for me and there was an article about some group I had never heard of called "Swarm". I sware these guys looked like they used to be in some death metal band or something. Then I noticed the lead singer type... the guy that looks like he needs to go to Sam Ash to get the latest triangle shaped black electric guitar so he can get is mosh on.... I noticed this guy is the Mr. Mason who sent me a mix tape in the mail 4 years ago and made that nice "this is what we came for" song. Also come to think of it, Dylan often looks like a heavy metal guy, except he can't do much in the way of moshing.

Is this the latest thing? To dress like a death metal guy? Are the people who release on the Dylan labels taking the whole "lets sample metalica" thing too seriously or is the next wave going to be Pantara and Danzig dubs getting played by Grooverider.

I'm only half joking when I write this because just over the weekend I visited Sonic Groove before going to the Nasa reunion party (which was awesome btw) and I noticed there was hardly no one in that store. I also noticed that the Sonic Groove label itself has been releasing records from old Industrial bands that used to release on Wax Trax ! ! ! !

So if thats whats going on in the number one techno shop.... what does that mean for DnB (a music who copies techno as a means of new material)?

I have nothing against death heavy metal. I think that stuff is really cool and I often wish I was more knowlegable on that stuff. I just don't think I want to see DnB get more like a scene that has nothing to do with dance music.
Not gonna go into great detail on this subject
But the scene is changing rapidly & has loads
of different influeces nowadays
So who knows where drum & bass will be in the
near future ?
You may even see death metal vocalists on the
mic doing there thing instead of mc's !!!
Who knows ?


What i do know is drum & bass certainly hasn't turned out the way i thought it was gonna when i 1st got into it all back in 1993......
& Fuuuck does that seem a long time ago man !
does it really matter man, i mean it's one little sub genre or whatever but theres still everything else and all the other influences. if you don't like it just don't support it, hell don't even give it any attention. If you really didn't want it around, the less attention something gets the less likely it's going to be the next best thing. I don't at all like it but it's not like thats all i hear, i can still go to the record shop and get wax that i still wanna hear and would still play. Its just people trying something new or something that they honestly like and don't give a fuck if anyone else likes it. Let people keep trying new shit cause eventually one of the new styles or influences that pop up you or me are gonna really get into. So i say let whoever try whatever they want and do what they're feeling. Some people might not feel it, and some will. The people that don't like it don't have to bother with it cause it's not like its forced down there throats. 1992, you make good points sometimes man, but other times you really just make me think you're quite the hater. Just ignore the shit that gets you down (it'll make you jaded as fuck, same thing has happened to me), and embrace the stuff that you like.
when i was 12 (ish ) i was into all that shit. (pantera etc~yes i was young and miss guided!)before discovering Cypress Hill at 13 and then other hip hop and then dnb in 1995.

but the pace of metal music is similar to dnb.
look at Concorde Dawn and what vthey are producing!!! its all very metal! and Fresh played a tune at breakneck that had heavy metal riffs in it!

its like i say we absorb the best bits of other genres and turn them into dnb. metal can have its good parts(although it is swamped with teenage cheese!) and we can use them...although the lyrics 'dont tell me what to do, ill play what i will play..' are a tad on the cheese side! but the tune still kicks ass!

also you know that the DJ from Slipknbot mixes dnb! he played at gods kitchen last year...i kid u not!

we should see some sort of live dnb/metal crossover soon, ill be the singer...raaaaah!!!!!


we must embrace these trends and not panic, dnb is ever changing but i dont think we are gonna see a long haired andy c head benging just yet!
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