Whatta Guan Rudeboys and rudgaldem?


Retired Criminal
How's it going everyone

My stagename is Dark Genius (AKA Joe) I've been making dnb for around 10 years now on everything from music 2000 to nuendo (yeah remember music 2000:mario:)


I started releasing my tracks on mp3unsigned.com and got a lot of great constructive feedback and eventually got a few tracks to no 1 in the dnb charts on their site and a minor record deal with acura boys productions which I'm still signed to. Unfortunately the site went downhill after the owner died and I decided it's time to get with the program put my unsigned tracks on soundcloud so that everyone can enjoy them(Hopefully).

I take production seriously and I'm always learning, so I would love to here some feedback wether it's good or not, sometimes the best feedback is "your snares suck" etc.
I have 43000 view on mp3unsigned so if you like my music please hit the button as I am rebuilding from scratch again.

So please have a line spark a zoot and leave a comment or send me a Pm.

I'm open to collabs if anyone is interested Especially if your good on a mic. I mainly use reason 5 and cubase 8. But I can work with any software.

I love Dnb