.-**-. WhAtS YoUr 2Nd fAvE GeNrE? .-**-.

i dunno if i could call them my most favorite genres after drum & bass, but
downtempo/breaks/hip hop/are the music genres i listen to
most often.
Yeah man, Labcabincalifornia is one of my favourite albums. Used to cain it in highschool.
Pharcyde are sick.... I got married about a month ago, and had "passing me by" playing while the ceremony was goin on :D

Anyone here like Gravediggaz: Niggamortis/6 Feet Deep??
Leamington Spa... is that the place near Brockenhurst?? Or is that Lymington?? Shit!!

I dont listen to that much new hip hop really, just my old Wu Tang & Gravediggaz mostly...
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