What's up? I'm a producer.


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Sep 22, 2008
Hey everybody. I've just started my profile here on dnbforum, and I'm liking what I see. I've been producing dnb for about five or six years. I know a lot about the genre, and I have a lot of experience mixing and creating drum and bass. What I don't have a lot of experience in is promoting myself, and getting "out there" for the world to hear. So while I intend to post frequently and engage in relaxed communication, one of my main goals is to get connected. So wether you're a headhunter, or a dnb head looking for something new, check out my myspace and let me know what you think of my sound.

Peace kru


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Apr 28, 2008
Essex, UK
easy mate! fellow dnb producer here too :D will check ur myspace out fo sho! and also welcome! peace man
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