whats this break??


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Jan 20, 2003
I've started a tune with a break sampled off a Mr dibbs scratch record. The break is perfect for the kind of beat i want the only
problem is i only have half of it:mad: (the inital kick snare and ride).
If anyone out there knows where this break is from or have a full copy of it that'd be greatly appreciated.
To show my appreication i'll send you 15 quality breaks (rare funk samples that i've personally sampled off vinyl that i can almost garantee you won't have) if you can help me out.
I'm kind of hoping affliction might be able to help on this one as he seems to be the oracle when it comes to breaks:crazy:

It's so anyoying beacuse the snare on this break seems so familiar but i just can't place it- it sounds like that break with the long hollow snare thats in alot of early rave tunes.


  • unknown break.zip
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sorry man, wish i could help you.... it does sound a little bit like a processed Happy Soul break... but i dont think it is :shake:

one thing though, that clip you uploaded is completely out of phase.... you might wanna look at that before you use it in a tune - it'll completely dissapear on a mono system :pimp:
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