What's the best program to sample audio?


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iv just got audacity, but its only recording through the mic built in to my lappy, how do i get it to rec ord stuff like streaming audio from media polayer etc??

anyone know?
Audacity can record directly from your internal soundcard while your running a DVD in the disc drive. threre should be a drop down menu under the L & R rec levels where you can select the source. i think its 'wav out mix' or something like that.


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Hi mate.

If i wanna sample from a film (some audio or vocal) i use xilisoft dvd audio ripper, but there are many to choose from just google audio ripper or extracter etc..

Open up the program, select the disc drive the dvd is in and it will then load the whole film. Select the chapter of the film u wanna' record (ideally in wav format) and thats it.

Open up Sound Forge and import the whole chapter etc. Chop it down to the exact piece you need, and save it as a high quality wav file 44hz 16bit or whatever.

Then when u go into Reason u can open up the NN-XT and load the sample in there. Use the load sample button not load patch !

Then all u need to do is hit record and play a key on your midi controller or the built in one in Reason and thats it.

If u use Recycle, load the wav sample in there first, slice it (if needed) and save as a Rex file. Then go into Reason and open that rex file up in Dr Rex player.

Good luck mate.

If any of this sounds a bit daunting dont worry bout it. Just keep practicing youll get there eventually.


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there is an option in audacity to "record what you hear" in the drop down menu.
play the dvd and record with the input on that setting and see if it does the trick...