What's That Sound (dubplate) - l double/phuturo/high contrast


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Feb 14, 2003
As played by High Contrast, L Double, Doc Scott, DJ Freya and many others. Forthcomin this year so stay locked. Give feedback below.

1) Bachelors Of Science - What's That Sound (forthcoming on Flex Records):

2) Bachelors Of Science - MotherFunker:

3) Bachelors Of Science - Why Must It Be So Tainted VIP -- NEW!: http://www.bachelorsofscience.com/dubplates/BSC_Why_Must_It_Be_So_Tainted_VIP.ram

rene + chris aka Bachelors Of Science



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Jul 26, 2002
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First Track - Disco house influences noticed. I kinda wish that the track went somewhere - feels a little too loopy and housey for my taste, and that build-up seems to go on way too long. Also the last part is way quieter than the rest of the song and kind of comes in abrubtly. Still, sounds different than a lot of stuff coming out as of late, and it got signed and played by a number of high-rung dj's, so props out!
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