What's everyone up to from 7-9pm tonight?


Myriad Abstruse
VIP Junglist
Jul 2, 2007
Yo, what's everyone doin later on? If you're not out getting shitfaced then join us for some festive radio action!

Tonight from 7-9pm on Protokol Radio we have a special Xmas show for y'all...

Brought to you by myself, Premise, Prestige and hosted by Klimax, we've got plenty of new tunes to showcase including new tunage from Break, Spectrasoul, Calibre, D-Bridge, Original Sin and much more!

So get locked in to the Premise and Treazon Show to have a listen to all the latest shizz...

Cheers guys, and don't forget to log into the chatroom for requests, shout-outs etc!



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