Hi guys, I am so glad to see place full of so many openminded and friendly dnb fans! It was really interesting to check through the topics in here.

I just came from eastern Europe in London to do some post-grad studding in desing and exploring new places and people and I was surprised to find that I have huge troubles with finding "music soul mates".

Let me do a fast introduction: Kate, 24 y.o., software engineer, keen on art from the very first breath - music, fine arts, writing...everything that carries beauty and emotion. That is why I love drum and bass - from all the music genres, this one brings me the biggest set of different feelings. Yes I am going crazy on Noisia, good old Ed Rush, Spor..I also love the soft and gentle love songs of Bachelor of Science, the old LTJ Buckem, I can listen to my fav Seba songs for days and have the feeling that I am drowning into the sound. I started with BSE, Pendulum, Rawthang and High Contrast 10 years ago and I got addicted for life! Nevertheless I am a huge fan of the rock music...and not to mention hiphop. In fact I think that every music style can bring different feeling and my senses are opened for every real music, from whatever year, from whatever artist. But dnb is my secret love :)

So it you folks have the same thoughts bumping on the back side of your skull and feel like having a beer or two, I would be super glad if you can show me the london dnb places - I am talking about the real underground stuff - if you know what I mean! :p

I'll hang around within the forums now. So cheer up guys! Keep it real!
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