What's best in "NewTalent&TrackReviews" in 2016? Post your TRACK here ...

Vote for your favorite track submitted to "NewTalent&TrackReviews" in 2016 (max 3 choices):

  • John Miszt - She Moves ft Alexandra

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  • Mortadela - Jazz Freak

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Jan 31, 2016
Hello everyone. Let's find the best track submitted to "NewTalent&TrackReviews" in 2016 ...

Post the track you think came out best of all your productions this year.
It can only be 1 of your own tracks, I know it's really hard to decide, but anyway .. ONLY ONE.

Must be a track submitted to this forum section within 2016. Only open Soundcloud tracks please (no private track links).
I will start with one of mine even though I don't know which one to choose. I will add every new incoming track to the POLL as fast as I can.
Everyone can vote for max 3 tracks. Polling ends DEC31, 2016 midnight UK time.

Looking forward to your favourite 2016 productions in this forum section -- Cheers !

PS: Of course, it can be also someone else's track in this forum if you really like it.
Just post the SoundCloud link in the thread's bottom and leave your votes ... :2thumbs:

To make listening equally easy for all tracks, here all one by one:
https://soundcloud.com/user-25280988%2Fmoysalen-byherselfallalone-dnb-remix https://soundcloud.com/mentormoore%2Fboombox-cartel-quix-supernatural-mentor-moore-remix https://soundcloud.com/lowrmusic%2Ffordem-out-oct-3rd https://soundcloud.com/1superjoshi%2Fhold-your-hand-super-joshi-ft-swaati
https://soundcloud.com/user-589542732%2Facme-outram-v702 https://soundcloud.com/jack-evasion-evo%2Fevasion-ft-hannah-lux-not-goodbye-1 https://soundcloud.com/lowrmusic%2Flowr-ft-carl-petros-the-movement-clip-ddr005-coming-soon https://soundcloud.com/data-drop-starry-nyte-derelicts-of-tomorrow%2Fdirty-minds-feat-starry-nyte https://soundcloud.com/user-271339413%2Ftreatem-daydream-free-download https://soundcloud.com/dynamiczdnb%2Fmorning-sun https://soundcloud.com/dan-bowler%2Flisten-dub https://soundcloud.com/pathogendnb%2Fpathogen-humanity-almost-done https://soundcloud.com/5meo%2Fjohn-miszt-she-moves-ft-alexandra-happy-christmas-free-download https://soundcloud.com/mortadela%2Fmortadela-jazz-freak
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May 20, 2015

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