What you think of this New Artist?!

Sick right?! ....

Listen and let me know how you feel too! Personally this is some of the most soulful drum and bass tunes.. You don't hear it as needing to be fixed or whatever.. or at least I dont, not one bit.. what I love about this artist is that he REALLY brings back the TRUE soul of drum and bass!!... props to him! Give him a follow too!

<3 :boobies:

This haarp one is my favorite version both versions, this remix and the original... :')

Oh haarp... he really accurately simulates radio pulsations in his tune.. its fucking insane. this tunes been on repeat all night and it gives me not only chills but melts me entirely... lololol!! <3

And i love this one!

Enjoy everybody!! And if you could and do listen to all of these tunes let me know which ones you love the most!!! I love each and every single one of them for every single beautiful little and big and huge ideas and meanings it all has in their own ways.. soo beautiful! GREAT talent

Thanks everyone! :)