Multi Genre What was your most listened to mix of 2017?


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Oct 11, 2011
Only vaguely half decent one I recorded myself was this one, it's not as good as Loxy & 2Shy at Area in April 09 though tbh.

(Ahmad - Shinto
Nolige – The Blue Hour
Kid Drama – Payback
Ricky Force – 147
Scar – Make Dem Know
Forest Drive West – Annoko
dBridge – Fire Fall You
Goldie - Triangle
Kid Drama – Brutal D
Krust – Flip It
SB81 – Blueprints (SB81 Acid Remix)
Gremlinz – Tactical Rail
Acid Lab – Nostalgia
Gremlinz & Stranjah – Tingz
Can’t for the life of me remember what this is sorry - is it Jubei or someone like that?
Krust – Soul In Motion
Kid Drama – Trife
Concealed Identity – The Connection
Kid Drama – Whole Train
Nolige – Broken
Outer Heaven – Outback
DJ Future – Time and Space
Spirit – Provider)


May 27, 2009
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May 28, 2015
Calibre and DRS breezeblock from maybe 2005? I've lost my licence, and I only listened to mixes in the car so it's been about 7 months since I downloaded a new One, only 5 odd months to go :teeth:


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Oct 7, 2013

T/L (All Vinyl)

Sully - Lifted (Rua) 2015
Architex - Blueprint [DJ Pulse Remix] (Basement) 1996
Peshay - World Of Music (Infrared) 1994
Sully - Crystal Cuts (Astrophonica) 2015
Dead Man's Chest - Avalon Dub (Western Lore)
Dead Man's Chest - Tears [Fantazia Version] (Ingredients) 2016
Coco Bryce - More Massiv (Myor) 2016
Tango & Fallout - Revelations [Fallout Mix] (Moving Shadow) 1996
Sam Binga ft. Warrior Queen - Wasted Days [Sully Remix] (SBSLS) 2017
D’Cruze - Watch Out [DJ Dextrous & Rube Boy Keith Remix] (Suburban Base) 1994
Ellis D - Nice Up Ya Scene (White House) 1994
DJ Monita - Luv Ta Luv Ya [Fracture Remix] (Astrophonica) 2015
Dead Man's Chest - Unnatural Mysitic (Ingredients) 2016
Sully - Zero Sum (8205) 2017
Funki Porcini - King Ashabanapal [Dillinja Remix] (Ninja Tune) 1995
FFF - The Return (7th Story) 2017
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