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    Sup :D

    My name is Alex Kamenetzky, I'm 19, I grew up in Connecticut, USA, and now I go to design school in California. I'm currently studying Graphic Design, you can check out my portfolio here (haven't updated it in a bit) - http://akamenetzky.darkfolio.com/ I enjoy playing video games (mostly halo) and love watching movies.

    Since I'm an art student, music is a big part of my life (I need something to listen to in order to get through a 5 hour studio class!). I used to be really into Rock, but over the past few years my tastes have changed completely. Now I'm really into Hip Hop/Rap/Electronic, and over the past few months have been mesmerized by DnB. It's my new favorite genre, I can't stop listening!

    But enough of that, I'm preaching to the choir here.

    My fav DnB band used to be Pendulum, but now that I've really started to delve into the genre, Netsky is definitely my fav. (small coincidence that my last name has netZky in it!). I of course own all the pendulum albums, netsky's album, just bought Rave Digger, Sub Focus's album, and a bunch of random tracks, but I'm looking to expand. I also enjoy listening to other electronic bands like Justice, Prodigy, etc.

    I've been listening a lot to the BBC Essential Mix's by Netsky, Danny Byrd, Sub Focus, High Contrast, and Pendulum, so I have a lot of new music I'm scrabbling to find DL links of atm lol

    Anyway yeah, that's me. Gunna try to get more into DnB, this looks like the place to do it :]

    ps - catch me on twitter if ya want - http://twitter.com/AlexKamenetzky
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    welcome alex! :wave: