What up from Houston, USA


DJ Syklone
What up all, I'm Rubin from Houston. I have been listening to DNB for about 9 years now with a brief 2 year hiatus. When I came back, I came back twice as strong and listen to DNB almost exclusively now. I've been mixing (as DJ Sajklone) since September 08 and I'm still in the learning phase. Occaisionally I still bring things in off beat :| but for the most part I'm steadily improving. I'm using Traktor 3 and a Vestax VCI-100. I started with a NuMark TotalControl.

In my earlier years as a DNB fan I listened to whatever made it's way here, Dieselboy, DJ Dara, DJ DB, AK 1200, but now I'm primarily listening to DJs like Escape, Hazard, Taxman and Jaydan. The Houston scene sucks, we have one show, once a month. :D But it's still fun, went for my first time last Friday actually. LOL. Anyway, I'm sure I'll be getting to know everyone in the near future.