What Tune That You Own Do You Play The Most?


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Jan 14, 2009
What tune do you ALWAYS ALWAYS draw for in every set you play? Whether just mixing in your bedroom or out in the club?

What just NEVER gets old or fails to do it for you?

Mine out of all the tunes I own is probably "Subfocus - Druggy"

I just cannot get enough of those cowbells! Been rinsing it for over a year!

So easy to mix as well and you can be so inventive with it!

But what about you guys? ...
Probably: TC - Game Over

Nice to double drop

Yeah thats a good one man, nice and short intro as well :)

I've also rinsed the fuck out of Swamp Thing since I've had it lol probli gonna need a new one soon lol
Culture Shock - Kronix draw for it nearly every day.
You can mix it with anything, Jump up, liquid, Dark.

Such a versatile tune, and piece of piss to mix aswell.
Crystal Clear and Xample - Heaven and hell. Loving that intro bass!
PA and mutated forms - Ill also makes its way onto my turntables rather a lot at the moment
Like I said in the other thread, Destiny Comes Ringing. Its very versatile and definitely has the depth you're after. That and I'm addicted to the drop - the way it sort of spins you round and throws you into the track.

Let It Happen as well cos I often use it to kick off a mix, legendary intro and gives you a clean slate really to drop or tease a track from any sub genre.
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