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Mar 21, 2017
so i currently produce dnb but have recently got into mixing (only on virtual dj but i wanted to see if i liked it before i spent any money) and i was wondering what i should get for mixing dnb. my budget is probably likw 250-300 quid. i know this wont get me brilliant equipment but i just want to get started and thats all the money i will be able to gather.
Mar 19, 2017
Casselberry, FL
to be honest, I just bought the Pioneer DDJ- SB2. It includes Serato Intro, witch is pretty good if you can mix by ear more than with the BPM because the intro version doesn't have the grid on your tracks for some reason (why would you take away the core of mixing?!?) Its pretty good for 2 track mixing. It does have 4 channels but its a little bit annoying to use all four because you don't have all 4 faders for each individual track (you have a little button to change from track 1 to 3 and 2 to 4). I got it for 250$ here in the US so it shouldn't be that bad over there in un the UK. I have done some great double drops on these. I think its great to start out like I am. Hope you can take from this! Cheers!!!

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i wouldn't ask these lot mate, i once asked them how to get poon tang for beginners and you know what they did?!?!

they were takin the michael they were.

damn kids playing with my emotions!


and i still can't mix my vinyl discs! :fuckinpc:


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Feb 5, 2017
The Netherlands
I recently bought the Pioneer DDJ-RB and i must say. I like it alot! It comes with rekordbox and its pretty good imo.
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