Drum & Bass What the !!!!


The intro has a lot of energy, but could be shortened by half. I like when the sub drops in a 1:00 or so, but then it goes away at about 2:00 when the melody and samples come in. Then at 2:30 samples and I guess the proper drop? The part from 1:00 to 2:00 could then itself be cut in half, I guess, since it just intros the sub.

The drums are nice and driving, and have good energy.

There are a lot of good vocal samples, but perhaps too many.

I like the FX/samples coming in at about 4:30.

The change up at 5:20 or so is good, but could maybe be even more dramatic. I'm not sure about the shouted grunt coming in at 5:35 or so. It's really nice when you come back to the sub at about 6:20 or so, perhaps you could use a riser or something to accentuate it as a drop. By 7:00, I think the song could easily end here.

There's a lot of good ideas, and most of them hang together really well. I do think many of your sections could be cut, sometimes by as much as half. That would also help to get your song under the 6 minute mark, which I think is a good place to be for a D'n'B track (just my personal opinion of course).