What The Hellllllllllllllllll

Smack my bitch up is a Sub Focus remix btw ;)

Looks interesting.. How long you been mixing chap?
This guy needs to be banned.... he quite obviously posts up illgal dubs on here with absolutly no remorse or care in the world....

Jinx.... your a fukin cock mate.... sort your fukin life out and stop taking money from dnb producers pockets.... seriously bro....
i'm doing it again when this post is 2 weeks old.

Ban me if you wish. i dont care

Ive helped more people than most on ere and i get bashed for postin a mix.

I DONT SELL MIXES , DJ FOR MONEY OR ANYTHING so how am i takin money from producers pockets?? I said in the other thread sorry i aint doin it again...

Now I'll just fuck off and get bk to being a COCK. LOL
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