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    WOW!didn`t` know this scene was still this popular.Found this site by mistake. :google: Ive been out of the scene for a couple of years but looking to get back into it,so thought id say hello and see if any one can give me any ideas on good nights around Brum.CHEERS. :alchy: :zest:
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    what the heck mate don't mean to be rude thats a pretty derrogatory and patronizing thing to say :) dnb is massive mate its just not commercial and gone the sell out way.

    Uve made me laugh u say it like its gabba or summat like its some weird little sub sub genre its alive n kicking!!!
    Sorry im not from england so i can't help u out with gigs etc
    tho in the meantime u could check out some of my dnb mixes (**plug time** lol)

    Here are my sets from http://www.groundbreakerz.com im soon to have new dnb sets up online soon when i get off my lazy ass and make some more so until then heres my march and april mixes!!

    Kev Ferris April Hard dnb mix 2004 <<<--download here

    1.Baron- The way it was (Virus)
    2.Loxy and Ink- Dutty rock (Renegade Hardware)
    3.Concord Dawn-Bad Bones (Freak)
    4.Keaton and Hive- Bring it on (Violence)
    5.Shimon and Sparfunk- Bass fanatic (Ram)
    6.Zen-After party (Re:Formed)
    7.Midiman-Drop the bass (Bassline Smith and Drumsound rmx)(signal)
    8.Resonant Evil-The key (signal)
    9.Pendulum-Another planet (Breakbeat Kaos)
    10.Generation Dub-Freakshow(Re:Formed)
    11.Goldie-Angel (Razor’s edge)
    >>>Total Science-Squash vip tease (Advanced)
    12.Breakage-So vain (Bassbin)
    13.Generation Dub-Kiss my clownstep
    ->>Twisted individual-Hand grenade (Bassline Smith and Drumsound rmx)
    14.Distorted Minds-ouch (Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith rmx)(d style)
    15.Mampi Swift-Zion (Charge)
    16.Baron- Redhead (Virus)
    18.Mampi Swift-World of Change (charge)

    Kev Ferris March Hard dnb mix 2004<<--download here

    1 Skyver + Djon: face down with Kevin spacey ‘American Beauty’ quote
    ->>>Ed Rush, Optical+ Fierce: Alien Girl (prototype)
    2 Dj ss: Ss’ House (formation)
    -->>> Dj die: Clear Skyz(full cycle)
    3 Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith + Drumsound: Punch Drunk (War)
    4 Dj Ss: Player Haters (Reformed)
    5 Nu Tone Feel It (Hospital)
    6 Skyver + D jon: Justice (Technique)
    7 Dj Ss: stress related (Reformed)
    8 Kenny Ken: Ready (Mix n Blen)
    9 Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith + Drumsound: Musical (War)
    10 Shy Fx+ T Power: Murderation (Ebony)
    11 Dj Hazard: Cyba’s mission (London Republic)
    12 Generation dub: Atomic (Reformed)
    ->>Fresh: Foreigner (Breakbeat Kaos)
    13 Kenny Ken: Dnb Soldier
    14 Loxy + Ink: Straight Up Menace (Renegade Hardware)
    ->>Ed Rush + Optical: Watermelon (Virus)
    15 Simon ‘Bassline’ smith + Drumsound: Get through (Distorted Minds rmx)(technique)
    16 Simon ‘Bassline’ smith + Drumsound: Tinman (Technique)
    17 Pendulum: Another Planet (Breakbeat Kaos)
    18 Dkay: Martians (Freak)
    19Spirit: Bitter Sweet (Revolver) + quote from full metal jacket

    Also if u prefer the more soulful,funky summer edge dnb click here for the link->> http://www.drumandbass.ro/dnb/mp3/kevin_ferris/ and go to Kevin Ferris - Liquid Funk Promo Mix(in red writing)then click descarcare which translates as download!sorry i cannot direct link this set as the dude has had problems in the past
    Here is the tracklist to see if it tickles ur fancy :D

    01. Intro - The Soprano’s
    02. Ill logic and Raf - Lost In This / Movement
    03. Tc1 + Stress Level - Take control
    04. The Insiders - Late night / 31 Records
    05. Greg Packer - Not just a groove / 31 Records
    06. Ill Logic and Raf - Could it be / Ebony
    07. Total Science - Shelf life / 31 Records
    08. Marky, Mist + XRS - Back 2 love / Soul:r
    09. Mist - New wave / Soul:r
    10. Calibre - Just Fine
    11. Lenny Fontana - Spread Love (Nu Tone Remix) / Hospital
    12. TC1 + Stress Level - Know what I want
    13. Artificial Intelligence - No return / Movement
    14. The Dragon - Yellow dragon / Poison
    15. Simon ‘Bassline’ Smith + Drumsound - Palomino / Technique
    16. Spirit - Bittersweet / Revolver


    Liquid mix october 2003

    Click here to stream mix

    Mist jam hot
    Resistance and d tek’d spacejams
    Calibre jah
    Big bud soundtrax
    Greg packer true love
    Hold tight dirty habits
    Bluebook rollin over(calibre rmx)
    Pascal intrigue
    Mary j blige dance 4 me(rmx by???)
    Fsol papua nu guinea(high contrast rmx)
    Generation dub contact
    Resistance and d-tek’d losing control
    Mist outer space
    Sonic fallin’
    Signs(calibre rmx)
    Infrared crew capoeira
    Dkay and dj lee manipulate the universe
    London elek diff drum
    Big bud blue 4u

    Hard mix II October 2003
    Click here to stream mix
    j majik new badness
    Total science-prozac
    total science champion sound(gen dub rmx)
    danny c-i got what u need
    dillinja crunch
    zen sidewalk
    lemon d generation x VIP
    twisted individual amen slag jb rmx
    hold tight 925
    infrared crew capoeira
    the militia electrolux
    pendulum vault
    dillinja good girl
    friction litespeed
    sbs+ds dangerous
    total science pop pyschology
    sbs+ds get thru this
    twisted individual cock snot
    cookie monsters keep it comin'(hazard rmx)
    dillinja fast car

    Hard mix III October 2003
    Click here to stream mix
    high contrast rmx of papua nu guinea
    b+s signs(mathematics rmx)
    wickerman good vibes
    pascal storylines
    majistate if
    trinity(dillinja) warp
    concord dawn raining blood
    dylan inferno(universal project rmx)
    fresh formula one
    fresh temple of doom
    clips trumpet
    twisted individual april
    dillinja time out
    devize+three a heavy monsta sound
    hazard power up
    infrared crew capoeira(clips rmx)
    zen minefield
    sbs+ds get thru this
    fresh dalex

    hahah come on mate dnb is maaaassive
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