What is your favourite Jump up tune? / Have you heard this?


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May 29, 2008
Ok, basically this thread is two differant subjects.

The first being What is your favourite Jump up tune - I made this thread about a week or two ago and some idiots decided to argue on it and it got closed down so no argueing! if you dont like jump up simply dont post on this thread.
Thanks to everyone that posted on it last time hopefully it wont happen again !

The second part of this thread is me asking everyone if they have heard bar rage 1,2 or 3 im thinking its sounding pretty fat..
anywaysss happy posting.. :)



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Jan 14, 2009
Jump up tune I want the most atm is "Hazard - 2 for 1 (Silent Knight / Navigator)"

But many of Hazard's productions I wouldn't even call Jump Up. This being one.
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