what is this tune? from hazards set


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Apr 28, 2007
m4a no worky for me
what set is it from??
if you dont know up a mp3 (y)


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Dec 2, 2007
Tracklist for the whole set

DJ Sly - Candy Man
Taxman And Original Sin - Seen
Original Sin - Dont Be Silly
PA - Para People
Original Sin - Decibel
Crystal Clear And Cabbie - Cold Blooded
DJ Hazard - Meat Bubbles
PA - Merky Waters
Eddie K - Planet Terror
DJ Pleasure - Fleash Eaters
Heist - Sleep In Ya Eyes
Taxman - Evasion Remix
Heist - Barney Rubal
??? - ???
DJ Pleasure - Massacre
Interface And Darkotic - Thypoon
Original Sin - 8 Figure Bass
DJ Hazard - Killers Dont Die
DJ Hazard - ???
Dirty Harry And D Minds- Ho Bass
Crystal Clear And Cabbie - Streethawk
Taxman - Unreal
DJ Hazard - ???
Recluse - Banging The Walls
Original Sin - Bastard Killer
DJ Hazard - Pimpins Big Business
DJ Hazard - Big Cat
DJ Hazard - Fools
TC And Jakes - Haters
Dirty Harry - Wait For It
DJ Hazard - 0121 VIP
Dirty Harry - Skankers
DJ Hazard - Trouble Maker
Taxman - Original Ninja
DJ Hazard - Machete
Original Sin - Overfeind
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