What is good to get for producing?

Discussion in 'Production' started by dannyL, Aug 11, 2005.

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    Aug 11, 2005
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    I am not sure what route to go, either mac or pc. I am a big fan of pcs but for producing drum and bass ive heard G5 mac with logic. What do you recommend and also any helpful tips that i might need. I want to get the basic stuff out of the way now and not upgrade for a while. Also mackie hr-824's will come in the future. thanx!!!
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    Sep 25, 2005
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    You don't need a special kind of softwear for producing DnB. I'm using Cubase on PC. Logic is better because it's inviroment is mutch more flexible but it has noting to do with DnB more than any other style...

    Well, the plugin parth must stand for itselfe.

    If you are new in the field I suggest to try the free stuff before jumping into a high cost thing.

    Start out with downloading free samples. Some Tracker prog maby (it's free) with VST plugin support and sheck out free plugin on...

    It's mady hard to get into the tracker inviroment. If you don't have time and so on you can always download some free FruityLoop version and plug in your free samples.

    Here is some of favorite plugs (VST).
    (observe: I'm not into "popular" DnB)
    Kiesel Free delay (abbility to control delay/echo via midi note signal) is free.
    Waves plugs (for mixing)
    themodulator(the best free ringmodulator out where in my opinion) free.
    OhmBoys(the delay unit, making some dub filling)

    niinja (strange-analog-simulator, good to make devil sound, little hard to work with....) is free
    triangle(base sound Analog "simulator") is free
    Sonic.Charge.MicroTonic.VSTi(drum synth, I use it for base sounds :) , user frendly)
    Native Instruments Intakt(cutting up the drumloops for you, or timestretch it).
    Native Instruments Battery(good for single-shots-drum-sound )
    QUANTUM 64(making dirty base sounds) is free
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    some people still use amigas and stuff like that to make dnb...it's not about what you use but how you use it (cheesy as that may sound)...this is one of those situations where you're just gonna have to get a bunch of software demos and try em out to see which suits you best, especially if you don't wanna bother with upgrades and all that as you said, you'll need something that you'll be comfortable with...some people swear by reason rewired into cubase or something, some swear by cubase, some by logic, some by renoise or other trackers, i personally use acid pro 5...there's no 'dnb-specific' software or anything....and as far as mac vs. pc, again that's up to you...some swear by mac, others are fine with pc...
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    PC running SX or STFU.


    It also depends on your budget. If you go the mac route, you'll end up spending alot more money then you would usin a PC. Since you're already a big fan of PCs, I say stick with the PC. I agree with Dave to an extent, but some programs are better suited for DnB production than others. Logic has bezier curve automation which kicks ass, but you'll hafta run an older version of logic on a PC since fookin macintosh bought out eMagic in an attempt to corner their market. Sux for PC users. I run a PC with SX and a nice slew of *free* VSTi's. Quite happy with this setup. It does all boil down to wot you're comfortable with tho. Jus try some stuff out 'n see wot suits you best.

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    Sep 24, 2005
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    ... I can't really chime in about anything other than the whole MAC vs. PC deal so here goes...

    "Ima tell you like a nigga told me / cash rules everythin around me" ~ But besides that... It comes down to stability on your mac or pc... For instance... Since logic was designed on a MAC you'll generally encounter greater stability on a mac, less freezing , crashing , ect... I've heard that in general Pro Tools for instance usually gets greater stability on a PC, Logic on a MAC and thats really all I can say.

    Again its only what i've heard however i suggest you find the prog you wanna use then research as much about that prog as possible... After comparing users who have that prog with a mac vs. those with a PC then go out and decide a MAC or a PC. Stability is everything... there's nothing worse than getting the creative flow moving and then the program shitting the bed on you so you have to start over...

    ~ meta