What is a Roller?

Gee Ninety

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Nov 30, 2011
How would you describe a roller?
Im at my studio right now trying to make one but cant remember how one sounds, any ideas?
its open to interpretation
but generally something repetitive, nice to listen to that just kinda rolls and doesn't get boring.

think die, break, spectrasoul,
the ones that go : boom tish boomtish, boom tish boomtish a lot.
with maybe a bit of wowowwwowwwoowwoow.
but not much dddddddddddddddDDDDDDDDD
Data - Delicate
Marcus Intalex - The Sentury
Jubei - Outcast
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing

The list goes on and as someone quite rightly said ... It is open to interpretation.
ps... if you usually write Jump Up... please dont attempt writing rollers, nuero or anything good... we dont want your type ruining our drum and bass.. kthnxbai


Just in case the first example wasn't clear:

And just to make sure:

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