What has Drum n Bass done for you?

Unified Soul

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Jun 16, 2018
Easy people, hope all is well!

Unified Soul are a Leeds based events company, and we're currently in the process of a big ole rebrand, and we’re going to be launching a few new bits we’ve never done before!

The Live Events / Rave scene gets a lot of slack from the general public, but we feel like those who want it gone just aren’t aware of the power of what music can do for communities, friends and individuals alike.. which is an attitude we want to change!

So we’re asking you to share your stories..

Whether it’s something as simple as that one drop that got you bouncing off the walls, or something way, way deeper, we’d love to hear about it! (Nothing is too deep, a bangin’ tune can save a life).

Please either send your stories as an email over to unifiedsoulrecords@gmail.com and we’ll be sure to give them all a read. (They can be kept anonymous if you prefer)

Thanks people, enjoy the sunshine and rave safe!

U S x
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