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Terrence Black

OK, i already have Numark tt2's, but i having a hard time think what i want to get. Ya C , everybody is going digital and i dont know if i should just get 2 CDJ's ? Cause i was thinking about getting 1210'S and CDJ 1000MK3. So is better going with CDJ'S and are the prices better than purchasing vinyl ? Some 1 please let ya boy know. I'm serious guys -- Thanks for all your help

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i used to have a pair of tt2s, they were cool man. that little digital display of the pitch, and the ability to put the deck in reverse, wicked tings! the platter was pretty decent and heavy too. good pair of decks as it goes, they were 2nd hand and batter to fuck but they were still solid.
depends what you want to get out of djing as to what route you go down.
i got two 1210s and a cd deck. as i love spinnin vinyl, but have loads of (bought) tunes on mp3 from my serato days.
thing is, once you've got your head round one cd deck, they're pretty much all the same. i think i'd be comfortable doing an all cd set on any pair of decks really. so it's nice to still spin vinyl but have that choice to do it which ever way i want.

it's not hard to work out who wins on cost though.

vinyl (2 tunes) = £6ish
320kbps mp3 (1 tune) = £1 - £1.50
wav (1 tune) = £1.50 - £2


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i really can't enjoy mixing with cd's as much as mixing with vinyls so... 2xTechnics is must for me tho im getting a cd deck also now so i can blend some dubs in the mixes


It just depends on what you want mate.
1210's are the original way of doing things but vinyl costs!
Decent CDj's (especially Pioneer 1000mk3 ones) are more expensive than turntables, £1500ish a pair, but burnig CD's is cheaper.
Or you can go Traktor/Serato and have the analoge feel of a turntable with digital tunes. (My personal way of doing things:))

Just way up the pros and cons, or use a mix of everything if you have the moolah. Hope that helps.

Terrence Black

Thank you so much for the advice. C im like this, i love vinyls and wont give that up, It's just that everybody is going digital and i was planning on getting just 1 CDJ1000MK3 and get some 1210's . But i might just get 2 CDJ's ?

Thanks again and RESPECT TO ALL. . . . . . . . .


cdj1000's are pretty much the industry standard now, they're the 1210 of the cd world.

tbh if i was you i would get 1210's (obviously) ;) and grab yaself a pair of cdj100's, they'll do pretty much everything you need to do apart from having a vinyl platter.
ive had mine for yrs now and swear by them

u can pick them up on ebay thesedays for £200 a pair