What DJ console? M-Audio X ponent? Vestax VCI-100?

So been a huge electronic music fan for a while and am going to have some money soon and wanted to invest in something to mess around with for my computer. I've been told I should wait and save up for used decks/mixer/serato. Well Im not gonna have that type of money any time soon and I want to see if this sort of thing is even for me before dropping loads of cash. Dunno if it matters but I would be mostly spinning DnB/breaks. I am not only considering the above options, those are just the ones that have been recommended to me. Im open to any and all! Also my budget is ~US$400

Thanks in advance!


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I would say to go with decks and a mixer, if you have to go digital get Serato or one of those type of programs.

Stay away from the all in one digital controllers because I find they tend to find they are less accurate because they are working with midi and your control values are one from 0-127, with a real mixer you won't have these value issues.

Personally, I would say if you just want to try it out to just get some low-end decks, so you save yourself some cash, if you have a record store in your area used vinyl can usually be found for a decent price too.