What deck should i buy?


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Im tottaly new into mixing & im looking for some good and relative cheap deck.
I've found an American Audio Flex 100 for 250euro. Is this a good deck or not?
500euro absolute max.

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Or cdj800mki + djm250


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I agree to go with pioneers if you going down the CDJ route, if u wanna go vinyl I would recommend 2 x Stanton T.62 and a behringer NOX303 mixer, pretty much how I started but I had a Numark M2 mixer which was very basic


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You only need one Busted just make sure you put it somewhere high up.

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If you want good quality, go pioneer mate. In this market it's worth investing good equipment... And pioneer have a very good reputation.

I got a pair of cdj 350's and an xone 23 allen heath mixer. This package, but i upgraded the mixer.


I paid a deposit of about £100. And the difference in price for the upgraded mixer. And im paying back £40 a month for the next 3 years with some interest 24.9% APR (So for a £1159 mixer and speakers package thats something like £300 interest you pay.). You can obviously shop around and find a decent second hand option, and i definately recommend this if you got the money there and then.

But quality is paramount imo.

Hopefully ive given another option about buying decks though.Buying decks and taking up turntablism is an expensive hobby. You gotta buy blank cd's, buy and build up your record collection (Expensive if you go for vinyl), and it get more expensive if you start searching for rare tracks.(Heard dom & roland got a loan from his bank manager by showing the guy his tracks he was producing, and he a built a studio with it) He talks about it in this interview:

https://soundcloud.com/https%3A%2F%2Fsoundcloud.com%2Fmetalheadz%2Fdom-roland-sb81-the-metalheadz-show-on-rinsefm )

If you dont have the money to outright buy a decent pay of decks then theres always the pay monthly finance option, depending on your circumstances. But theres pro's and cons obviously.
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