What Bass - Lemon D

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V Matt

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Aug 16, 2002
London Town
Has to be the corniest tune since Grimey, those samples :lol:

Wicked bassline but I can't help thinking that Lemon D is capable of a bit more than making cheap Dillinja sound alike tunes :rolleyes:
Ah - you've uncovered my plot to create the perfect jungle hybrid monster ----

The Lemonja!!!

Its shocking Lemon D made a cool tune this year..... "Searching". Its actually so cool I wonder if Total Science made it for him. :lol:
It'd be nice if he went back to the old 1996 V way of doing stuff, big fat bass but a little more chilled rather than sounding real hard, cos it's not that good for a soulful sound.
Been hooked on that old V stuff recently
i aint heard this tune in time.

made me laugh when i first heard it though.

'you need to turn it right down'

what right down?
I dunno I'm not really feeling all this new stuff coming through at the moment tbh
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