What are your steps to resampling the bassline?


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Sep 23, 2015
Hey Guys,

I was wondering what steps do you follow when you resampling a bassline?
What synth
What DAW
What Plugins
What LFO, OSC, SUB OSC, waveshape, filter.

Maybe someone came across any good video that you could post the link
I just find myself that I resample on my sampler, but its quite hard to go more than 1 round as then I need to record sample, chop it upload to sampler again e.t.c

The way I make stuff is:
1.make some bassline on my synth, (sometimes pass the sound through the external compressor, distortion or eq) then record to an Ableton and after process the sound further, EQ, comp, dist, limiter, multiband comp with different plugins.

So if you have any tips that would be very helpful.




Sep 1, 2015
do not underestimate the flexibility of working with audio, for example you can merge two sounds using fades and automations and then you can consolidate it and load it up in a sampler as a single sound


Dec 3, 2014
When i resample i always start with a vst like massive/z3ta/sylenth/.. or just a sampled reece from a track.
Then i load the audio file in Kontakt where i add effects (i don't know why, but it speeds up my workflow). Important is to find the 'sweet' spot if u are resampling (by playing some notes on ur piano, sample the best sounding notes). Also try to layer the sounds and split them up in different EQ's, (but remember to sync the envelopes).

U can resample a lot of times, but dont overdo it!

A nice tutorial is from blockhe4d (Hospital Recordings)


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Dec 5, 2005
i don't bother resampling anymore, except if I want to reverse a piece of audio (or play with creative time stretching...which can also be achieved with Granular synthesis), no real need to with the power of todays computers, can easily run hundreds of synths at a time with stacks of FX

these days I'll start my base sound, duplicate it and tweek it, then play with the automation and EQ to get it to blend with the first sound, then duplicate again and repeat until I get the sound i'm after...sometimes that means 30+ layers, sometimes just 2-3

although resampling opened up allot of possibilities, i was never a big fan of it, I just did it because of the limitations of processing power


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Feb 8, 2002
i dont really care where the original wave form comes from, 3xosc or ts404 or a looped waveform in a sampler is fine by me. but lately im digging on chords for my bass. its cool that, chord some saws, back up with sin, LP.
max out desk gain and eqs,
red hot onto tape,
into e-mu and filter to shit,
layer with cleaner bits to get the digital power back under the analog bark,
rinse and repeat as needed.

i find people want that digital top end, so thats going to have to be layered on top, and then the digital low end, so that goes back underneath when the mids are satisfactorily growly.
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