What are you doing on Sunday afternoon?


Oct 21, 2002
Midlands, UK
After a week of NTL Hell (no comment) myself and Advance are back on Breakpirates this Sunday afternoon.

We've got a new format to the show,starting at 5:00 with a half hour old skool back2back set to warm things up, followed by 2x 45 minute solo sets.

As it's the end of the month, we're going to showcase some of the past month's best new DnB and Nu-oldskool releases, plus a couple of forthcoming promos. As usual we'll be running the competition too, so get yourselves in the chatroom:

http://www.breakpirates.com/chat or irc://irc.efnet.net/drum&bass

Also, check out the webcam, which is on now, and will be on all day:



Live @ 5... Don't forget!!!!!
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