What are you communicating through rhythm and music that can not be communicated ....

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    Here's sumthing I've had sitting around for a while and just figured it might be good to share.

    It’s a question from and interview of DJ Abstract (SF) that was done about 3 or 4 years ago on Radio-V.

    What are you communicating through rhythm and music that can not be communicated with words?

    You’re communicating something really basic to the whole nature of the Universe. Its communication that’s higher than verbal but at the same time more base. Everything in the Universe consists of pattern or rhythm. There is nothing without pattern, there is no perception and without perception there is no reality. What you are doing is just tapping into rhythm as a basis for being itself. I see dance music as a very tribal thing and I definitely make the connection too. The same idea came to me a few years ago that what people are actually doing at a club or a party is really primal and really ancient. Especially the way the music now has gone full circle, where you had African and tribal rhythms that were all rhythm orientated and then you had European music that went very melodic. When you forcibly met Western and African cultures together you started getting a series of different hybrids where rhythm gradually became more and more a part of the music. If you look Negro-Spirituals and stuff, it started getting more of a swing, you know, into Dixieland and the Blues and early Jazz. And out of these you start to have Rock and Funk which was even more about the beat, and then out of that you get Disco and then Hip-Hop and Techno which were even more beat-oriented. Finally the last one so far is Drum N Bass which is all about the rhythm, you know, but still coming through Western mentality but a hybrid of Western and tribal ideals.