what are underline links for windows XP

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Apr 10, 2003
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Does anyone know what are 'Underline links for Windows XP'. whenever I log onto the net i always get popups of crap like upgrade your PC's memory, Security Warning Your PC i at Risk, & yes the dreaded Porn Ones (specially if your girlfriend or mum walks past). I've got a feeling that this has got something to do with it but I don't want to mess up my browser. :)
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Oct 31, 2002
Portsmouth, UK
it's to do with a windows service that's was meant for administrative alerts over a network... but which has been exploited by all the fuckin filthy spam merchants out there.

to disable it, be logged on as an administrator, go into control panel and select "administrative tools" and then "services"... look for a service called messenger (it's not to do with windows / MSN messenger) > double click it and change the "startup type" to disabled

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