What are the parameters of a drum machine?



Hey guys,

I need to know the parameters of certain drum machines! some of them include Roland T808 and the T909. Another one is the Linn LM-1
If you guys could help me with their parameters is would be much appreciated!
If you guys could also maybe link me to the inside of a drum machine and tell me what each bit does, it would also be very helpful!
Thank you very much!

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Sweaty Teddy

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I'm by no means an expert on drum machines, in fact I know fuck all about then but I'm pretty sure that they are just hardware samplers with pads on them so you can play samples with ease. Not too sure on how they work but am assuming that there is a hard drive/memory card that you put samples on then you're away. If you want the know about the circuit boards and all that kind of stuff then I'm afraid I can't help you.