What a great forum!


I came across this site looking for info on amplifiers. Since I couldn't search the site without joining, I joined. I've been reading through it for the last few minutes and it seems like a great forum and I hope to benefit from the posts of others and maybe get a question or two answered here and there.

I've been out of the country for most of the last 4 years and before that I really hadn't listened to and DnB. I ended up listening to something a few weeks back (I've been back in the states since June) and felt that old connection to the music that I felt before the parties and lifestyle pushed me away from it.

At one time I wanted to dj but I never really focused on making it happen. I decided that its something that I don't want to look back on and have not tried. So I started looking around for some equipment and ended up with two workstations of OK stuff for my skill level (-2). I'll list it because this is where my questions begin. I see that most of these introductory posts are not replied to, so I will search for older posts or ask my questions as needed.

Station One
Tables: gemini PT2400 http://www.activemusician.com/item--MC.PT2400
Mixer: gemini PS-676 pro2 http://www.djshopping.com/ps-676pro2dicountinueditem.html
CDJ: gemini CDJ-20 (I don't use this as I have so many records to begin with. This is something that is odd for a newbie and it goes along with one of my questions actually.)
Speakers: Kenwood JL-506
Receiver: Sony STR-D611

Station Two
Tables: Numark TT200 http://www.numark.com/tt200
Mixer: Behringer VMX300USB http://www.behringer.com/EN/Products/VMX300USB.aspx
Speakers: Technics SB-LX90
Receiver: Technics SA-EX140

By some good fortune, timing, and a little coin, I have about 500 records. 80% of them are DnB, and almost all of them are between the late 90's and early 00's. The person I got them off of did not put things in their proper places so its been difficult getting them organized. I think I may just but blank sleeves and label them myself. Like I said, its mostly DnB, but there are some trance, breaks, house, R&B, and some other assorted items.

1- I have pretty general setups for both stations and I need help with a few things. Basically I have the tables connected to the mixers which are connected to the receivers (which are basic stereo receivers) which are connected to the speakers. I would assume that I need amplifiers as the speakers are passive and they sound bad when ever I turn the volume up ... this is all in my room, so its not like its very loud. My question is does that sound like an amp being needed and if so, what type/models should I be looking for?

2- For the receivers, I just went to the pawn shop and grabbed two of the lowest priced ones. The speakers were acquired pretty much the same fashion. For the purposes of practicing in my room and getting good enough to feel like I should spend the money of higher end equip, is there a necessity to upgrade these?

3- As for the records, I just took about 50 of them to work with for now. I'm still learning to beat-match, and get used to working with two tracks at once. Should I use a smaller number of records and focus on the fundamentals or just have fun with them?

Anyway, if someone does reply to this, great! If not, I hope to find some of the answers through older posts which I will go back to sifting through now as well as the other introductions.



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welcome man, im probs not the best one to give advice on the speakers etc - try to djs and turntablism forum, that's probably your best bet for your enquiry


Thanks for the info. I'm digging into the older posts but I haven't yet found the questions that I'm looking to have answred. I'm sure they're about so I'll go through a few more pages and if I don't find them, I'll ask in the forum you menitoned ... thanks again!