DnB Whaaaales!!! W3st- From the Depths (ft. Sho Nakashima)

Mr Fletch

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Aug 6, 2009
Essex, England
Like the panning on the the percussion in the intro, Reckon you could benefit from a better lead into the drums, they kinda just "start", a simple riser or some FX just beforehand would work wonders! Again, same thing with the drop, it just kinda happens. I'm really diggin the actual track as a whole, got a real nice summer jumpy vibe to it, you just need to work on those transitions.


Nucleoid Drum & Bass
Dec 20, 2011
Haarlem, Netherlands
You could add some more bass in the drop. Also, I think you might wanna increase the volume of those arps at 2:03.

I really like the little break at 2:57, though! That really sounds awesome. Nice job on the kick drum :)


Unsigned DnB Producer
Jun 18, 2011
Santa Clara/San Diego
thanks guys, I guess for that sudden drum drop i was going for more of a oh its dnb kind feel haha idk. I'll definitely add some risers before them tho, thanks for pointing that out.

and thanks nucleoid, hows the sub-bass sounding?

thanks for the input guys, i'll put it to good use. cheers
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