DnB Wez Walker - Rise Above / Where Do We Go (Out Now)

Nov 1, 2019
Introducing the latest artist to the Soul Flex Digital camp. The amazingly talented producer under the guise of 'Walker'. Two tracks expertly crafted optimising the liquid drum and bass sound. The production on both tracks crafted to perfection. Pure spine shivering vibes from start to finish. This release is an absolute masterpiece of liquid Drum and Bass.

Out on Bandcamp 2 weeks before official release on all other platforms
Bandcamp : https://bit.ly/sfd55wezwalkerbandcamp

Youtube : https://bit.ly/soulflexdigitalyoutube
Spotify : https://bit.ly/sfd55wezwalkerspotify

Bandcamp : https://bit.ly/sfd55wezwalkerbandcamp
Juno : https://bit.ly/sfd55wezwalkerjuno
Beatport : https://bit.ly/sfd55wezwalkerbeatport



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